This blog marks a new chapter for FiEC Australia. Having recently taken on the role of National Director of FiEC, I’m keen to boost our communication. Our vision is to grow healthy churches that will reach our country with the saving news of Jesus Christ. We want to grow in numbers and maturity and depth and reach. We desire to learn from one another, support each other, share resources, and encourage prayer for our churches and ministries. Our prayer is that God will keep FiEC faithful and make his work among us fruitful for his glory.

God willing, this blog will provide a platform for biblical thinking and good ministry practice. We will offer updates, articles, reviews, interviews, and more. We will provide links to helpful resources and other sites worth visiting. We will open a window to the matters that matter among FiEC churches.

FiEC online is the blog of the National Director, but I plan to draw on the wealth of wisdom and experience in our ranks. Any third party posts will be curated by the National Director and may be edited before posting. If you would like to submit material, then please use the contact page.