We are independent

This doesn’t, or at least it shouldn’t, mean that we are a bunch of lone rangers. It simply affirms the fact that each church is self-governed, with its own constitution, leaders, and ways of doing things. You could probably call us are little ‘i’ independents!

We are a fellowship

While upholding the independent governance of each church, we share a vision for reaching Australia with the gospel of Jesus through planting and building healthy evangelical churches. We can pool resources, encourage one another in our shared vision, share our joys, and carry one another’s burdens. We can seek to build one another through teaching from God’s word at conferences and courses, and commit to regular prayer for our members. 

We are evangelical

Ours is a fellowship that is shaped by firm beliefs. We are persuaded that true Christianity is evangelical in its very essence. That is, people are reconciled into relationship with God, and churches are created and grow, through the work of God’s ‘evangel’—the good news that Jesus Christ was crucified for the forgiveness of sins and was raised physically from the dead to rule over God’s world. We learn this good news from the Bible—not people’s best ideas about God, but God’s specific revelation of himself.

We are churches

We are a fellowship of churches—evangelically persuaded and independently governed churches. We don’t view FIEC as ‘our church’, ‘the church’, or even ‘a church’. Rather, we are a network or denomination comprised of many churches who voluntarily take steps to fellowship with one another in various ways. It is impractical for all of our churches to meet together—we are scattered across this vast country. However, we seek to gather members of each of our churches together at different events during the year so as to encourage personal and practical fellowship. The official representatives of each church—usually the senior pastors—meet together at formal meetings of the FIEC to review, plan, and pray for our fellowship.



FIEC exists to

Thinking of planting with FIEC?

Plant and grow independent evangelical churches

Encourage faithful and fruitful evangelical ministry

Facilitate regular fellowship and mutual support between independent evangelical churches

Share resources for planting and growing churches

Recruit, train, employ, and support leaders of independent evangelical churches

Promote the ministries of independent evangelical churches



For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

This is as true today as when it was first written. It is as important in Australia as it is in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia or America. 

God wants people to be saved. People in cities, people in towns, immigrants, adults, children, youth… all people. 

Some people might describe Australia as a 'Christian country'. The truth is very different. Only a small percentage of Aussies trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord, Saviour, and God. 

Why do churches join FIEC?

God is calling us to make a difference for eternity. He wants us to get with his program of calling people to become disciples—followers and learners—of Jesus Christ. He has plans to build his church throughout Australia and he call us to get with his program.

FIEC isn't the only network of churches seeking to plant churches and call people to follow Jesus. God uses all kinds and many different 'brands'. For us it's not the denomination so much as our conviction about the truth of God's Word, focusing on his message of salvation through Jesus Christ.



We completely depend upon God, realising that if God isn't at work then we will achieve nothing. So we pray that God will raise up men and women who will begin new ministries and start new churches. Our desire is to see churches growing as people become Christians. So we are seeking people who are equipped to evangelise—share the great news of Jesus. We assess the suitability of people to lead this work, and we coach and encourage those who are doing it.

How does FIEC help?

FIEC partners with the Geneva Push church planting network to identify, recruit, assess, train, and coach people for church planting. We connect with theological colleges to equip men and women to faithful handle the Bible.

Our network is growing and the opportunities and needs are great. We recognise the importance of building healthy and growing churches. FIEC has recently employed a National Director to lead our fellowship. He works along with a National Chaplain to develop and support pastors and their families and churches.



Wherever we can within Australia. God's love extends to all and there is no place where people are excused from putting their trust in Jesus and following him.

Our particular interest is cities and towns where people are not being reached and where evangelical churches are few and far between. 

Sometimes we support a gathering of Christians in a place to establish a new church. Other times a team moves into a new location to begin a new ministry. 

If you see a need or opportunity then please make contact with FIEC so we can explore the possibilities with you.